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Supercomputer modeling of land active layer and geophysical boundary layers

The meeting of the seminar

«Supercomputer technologies

in science, education and industry»

Chairman of the organizing committee
Sadovnichy V.A. Sadovnichy V.A.
academician, rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University

Co-Chairs of the organizing committee
Voevodin Vl.V. Voevodin Vl.V.
Corr. RAS, Director of Research Computing Center of Moscow State University
Sokolov I.A. Sokolov I.A.
academician, dean of the faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of Lomonosov Moscow State University
Tikhonravov A.V. Tikhonravov A.V.
D. in Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Research Computing Center of Moscow State University

Scientific Secretary of the seminar
  Kutov D.K.
Research Computing Center of Moscow State University


The seminar was organized on the basis of the Scientific and Educational Center «Supercomputer Technologies». The reports cover all aspects of the use of supercomputers, parallel computing systems and distributed data processing methods for solving large computational problems. The seminar has a pronounced interdisciplinary nature, however, the various nuances of using supercomputer technologies are of interest to researchers from various fields.

The seminar is supported by the Moscow Center of Fundamental and Applied Mathematics.

Researchers, teachers, graduate and undergraduate students are invited.


16:20 (GMT +3)
  Stepanenko V.M.
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Deputy Director of the MSU RCC
  Mortikov E.V.
Ph.D., Senior Researcher, MSU RCC

Supercomputer modeling of land active layer and geophysical boundary layers

The report is devoted to the development of original software codes for mathematical modeling with high spatial resolution of the processes of transport and transformation of heat, momentum and chemical impurities in the system «active layer of the land-atmosphere boundary layer». These codes are used for fundamental studies of the organization of turbulent exchange between the underlying surface and the atmosphere, processes forming the water and carbon balance of the land. Simplified modifications of these codes are used as blocks of the national model of the Earth system of the INM RAS and the national system of numerical weather forecasting of SAW. Besides, they are attracted for practical tasks of scenario calculations of air impurity transport in urban areas. Considerable influence is given to the efficiency of utilization of multiprocessor computing resources by the developed applications.

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