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Joint Moscow-Beijing Mathematical Online Colloquium «Beijing-Moscow Mathematics Colloquium»

13:15 (GMT+3)
Ruochuan Liu professor, School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University

Bio: Ruochuan Liu is working on p-adic aspects of arithmetic geometry and number theory, especially p-adic Hodge heory, p-adic automophic forms and p-adic Langlands program. He got his PhD from MIT at 2008. After several postdoc experience at Paris 7, McGill, IAS and Michigan, he joined the Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research at 2012. Starting from this year, he holds professorship at the School of Mathematical Sciences of Peking University.

Topological cyclic homology for p-adic local fields.

We introduce a new approach to compute topological cyclic homology using the descent spectral sequence and the algebraic Tate spectral sequence. We carry out computations in the case of a p-adic local field with coefficient Fp. Joint work with Guozhen Wang.

14:15 (GMT+3)
Dimitry Frolenkov Steklov Mathematical Institute (Moscow)

Bio: Dmitry Frolenkov received his PhD degree from Steklov Mathematical Institute in 2013. Starting from 2014 he works at Steklov Mathematical Institute as a senior researcher. Besides he got the RAS award for young scientists of Russia. His research interests are centered around an analytic number theory with a special emphasis on the theory of L-functions associated to automorphic forms.

Additive divisor problem and Applications.

Additive Divisor Problem (ADP) is concerned with finding an asymptotic formula for the sum $\sum_{n<X}d(n)d(n+a)$, where $d(n)=\sum_{d|n}1$ is the divisor function. Surprisingly, the ADP arises naturally in quite different problems of number theory. For example, it is related to the investigation of the 4th moment of the Riemann zeta-function, the second moment of automorphic $L$-functions and the mean values of the length of continued fractions. In the talk, I will describe the ADP and its applications.

 The meeting will be held in the form of a webinar on the Zoom platform.

Pre-registration for the event is not required.

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