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Scientific conference «Lomonosov Readings - 2020» (section of computational mathematics and cybernetics, Department of Computing Systems and Automation)

Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics


April 10, Friday, 13.00
Department of Computing Systems and Automation
II academic building, 6th floor, aud. 685
1 Iterative planning of calculations and data exchange in real-time modular computing systems.
Report by Balashov V.V. (leading researcher) and Antipina E.A. (student, 2nd course of magistracy)
2 Properties of the streaming algorithm for constructing static-dynamic schedules.
Report by Kostenko V.A. (associate professor) and Smirnov A.S. (student, 1st course of magistracy)
3 About one approach to ensuring the quality of service in virtual layers.
Report by Stepanov E.P. (programmer, 3rd year graduate student) and Sinyakova M.A. (student, 1st course of magistracy)
4 A technique for studying the effectiveness of dynamic demultiplexing.
Report by Stepanov E.P. (programmer, 3rd year graduate student)
5 The study of algorithms for estimating the response time of tasks in the case of interval uncertainty in the duration of tasks.
Report by Glonina A.B. (programmer) and Gonopolsky M.G. (student, 4th year)
6 A method for parsing the packet header in the pipeline cells of a network processor device.
Report by Volkanov D.Yu. (associate professor) and Kurdyukova S.A. (student, 2nd course of magistracy)
7 A method for managing the processes of reconfiguring SCN when performing competing requests for route building.
Report by Piskovsky V.O. (senior researcher) and Shaposhnikov V.A. (student, 3rd year)
8 Identification of a channel for information leakage from a photo of a document taken from a computer screen.
Report by Piskovsky V.O. (senior researcher) and Semenikhin D.A. (student, 1st course of magistracy)
9 The study of the possibility of using data dependencies when implementing serverless computing.
Report by Antonenko V.A. (senior researcher) and Kukushkin D.I. (student, 3rd year)
10 About the video caching method for hierarchical content delivery networks.
Report by Pashkov V.N. (assistant) and Kurdyukova A.A. (student, 2nd course of magistracy)
11 A method for selecting the configuration of a fault-tolerant distributed control platform for software-configured networks.
Report by Pashkov V.N. (assistant)
12 Distributed configuration management scheme in functional test benches with various levels of protection.
Report by Chistolinov M.V. (junior researcher)