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Scientific conference «Lomonosov Readings - 2020» (section of computational mathematics and cybernetics, Department of Computational Methods)

Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics


April 15, Wednesday, 13.30
Department of Computational Methods
II educational building, 6th floor, aud. 621
1 Reduction of the 3D problem of scattering by a force center and numerical methods for solving it.
Report by Elenin G.G. (professor) and Elenina T.G. (junior researcher, Faculty of Physics)
2 Numerical methods in optimal control.
Report by Ternovsky V.V. (associate professor)
3 Comparison of the effectiveness of approaches for constructing adaptive boundary conditions for the Schrödinger equation in modeling laser-induced contrast structures in a semiconductor.
Report by Egorenkov V.A. (mathematician) and Loginova M.M. (researcher)
4 Quantum operating system.
Report by Ozhigov Yu.I. (professor)
5 Self-capture of waves in the three-wave interaction of light pulses in a environment with combined nonlinearity.
Report by Fedotov M.V. (associate professor) and Kharitonov D.M. (2nd year graduate student)
6 Non-hydrostatic model of the equations of dynamics of a stratified weakly compressible fluid with a surface in the “soft cover” approximation..
Report by Goloviznin V.M. (professor), Mayorov Pavel A. (2nd year graduate student) and Mayorov Peter A. (2nd year graduate student)
7 Balance-characteristic method for calculating transonic flows taking into account the transfer of local Riemannian invariants.
Report by Goloviznin V.M. (professor) and Afanasiev N.A. (2nd year graduate student)
8 The algorithm of the generalized CABARET scheme on three-dimensional triangular computational grids.
Report by Goloviznin V.M. (professor) and Gorbachev D.Yu. (2nd year graduate student)