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Scientific conference «Lomonosov Readings - 2020» (section of computational mathematics and cybernetics, Department of Mathematical Cybernetics)

Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics


April 15, Wednesday, 16.20
Department of Mathematical Cybernetics
II educational building, 5th floor, aud. 526B
1 Verification of multi-affinity of polynomials over a finite field.
Report by Selezneva S.N. (professor)
2 On some fragments of the lattice of closed classes in partial k-valued logic.
Report by Alekseev V.B. (professor)
3 New, more accurate estimates of the Shannon function for the complexity of contact circuits from undirected contacts.
Report by Lozhkin S.A. (professor) and Danilov B.R. (researcher)
4 New more accurate estimates of the complexity of implementing multiplexer functions in the class of contact circuits from non-oriented contacts.
Report by Lozhkin S.A. (professor) and Khzmalyan D.E. (student, 1st course of magistracy)
5 Addition of “long” ternary numbers in the binary number system.
Report by Ramil Alvarez H. (leading researcher)
6 An example of the application of an algebraic system of reasoning based on symmetric inference.
Report by Vladimirova Yu.S. (senior researcher)