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Scientific conference «Lomonosov Readings - 2020» (section of computational mathematics and cybernetics, Department of Mathematical Statistics)

Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics


April 15, Wednesday, 18.00
Department of Mathematical Statistics
II educational building, 5th floor, aud. 510
1 On samples from the generalized negative binomial distribution.
Report by Kudryavtsev A.A. (associate professor) and Tsvetkov E.A. (4th year student)
2 On the presentation of large-scale mixtures of generalized gamma distributions.
Report by Kudryavtsev A.A. (associate professor) and Nedolivko Yu.N (4th year student)
3 Threshold processing of wavelet coefficients of a signal in a model with a random grid.
Report by Shestakov O.V. (professor)
4 Estimates of the accuracy of exponential approximation for geometric random sums of independent random variables.
Report by Shevtsova I.G. (associate professor) and Tselishchev M.A. (assistant)
5 Estimates of the contribution of a single factor to the overall portfolio risk for a multi-dimensional distribution with a heavy tail.
Report by Khokhlov Yu.S. (professor) and Gracheva A.S. (student, 2nd course of magistracy)
6 Generalized probabilistic models of extreme precipitation.
Report by Gorshenin A.K. (leading researcher) and Korolev V.Yu. (professor)