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Scientific conference «Lomonosov Readings - 2020» (section of computational mathematics and cybernetics, Department of Information Security)

Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics


April 16, Thursday, 16.00
Department of Information Security
II academic building, 6th floor, aud. 685
1 Attack on the post-quantum cryptosystem of Mac-Alice-Sidelnikov, built on a combination of Reed-Muller codes with random codes.
Report by Chizhov I.V. (associate professor) and Popova E.A. (student, 2nd course of magistracy)
2 Prediction of code fragments based on various vector representations.
Report by Ilyushin E.A. (leading programmer) and Maloyan N.G. (student, 1st course of magistracy)
3 A decentralized scheme for secure creation and storage of databases.
Report by Cherepnev M.A. (associate professor)
4 A machine learning method that allows predicting an increase in pyramidal symptoms in the postoperative period in patients with glial brain tumors.
Report by Ilyushin E.A. (leading programmer), Kosyrkova A.V. (graduate student), Goryainov S.A. (senior researcher), Afandieva R.M. (graduate student), Baev A.A. (radiologist), Pogosbekyan E.L. (medical physicist), Okhlopkov V.A. (senior researcher), Danilov G.V. (scientific secretary), Batalov A.I. (radiologist), Pronin I.N. (academician), Ogurtsov A.A. (neurophysiologist), Kravchuk A.D. (professor), Pitskhelauri D.I. (professor), Potapov A.A. (academician, Burdenko Neurosurgical Center)
5 Fuzzing neural networks.
Report by Ilyushin E.A. (leading programmer)
6 Some features of machine-theoretic models of smart contracts in the “blockchain” environment.
Report by Anashin V.S. (professor)
7 Hadamard matrix classification algorithms.
Report by Borisov A.V. (programmer)
8 Actual problems of information security in the context of global threats.
Report by Gilyazov R.R. (junior researcher)
9 On the class of 2-plateau-shaped Boolean functions.
Report by Fedorov S.N. (senior researcher, ISI MSU)
10 Analysis of correspondence matrices to describe traffic flows.
Report by студ. Puchkina I.A. (student, 2nd course of magistracy) and Namiot D.E. (senior researcher)
11 Approaches to identifying hyperlocal events in the message flow of social networks.
Report by Denisov V.S. (senior researcher)
12 Educational trajectories: MaTHiSiS approach.
Report by Dmitriev L.V. (junior researcher)
13 Prospects for the creation of Wikis in education (for example, Wikipedia for Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Lomonosov Moscow State University).
Report by Gulyaev A.V. (associate professor), Bubnov A.S. (programmer) and Raevsky E.N. (engineer)
14 The use of bots in Wikis (current status and prospects).
Report by Gulyaev D.A. (assistant, Department of Functional Analysis and its Applications), Zhukov K.A. (assistant, Department of Supercomputers and Quantum Informatics), Bubnov A.S. (programmer) and Raevsky E.N. (engineer)