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Scientific conference «Lomonosov Readings - 2020» (section of computational mathematics and cybernetics, Department of Optimal Control and Supercomputers and Laboratory of Inverse Problems)

Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics


April 23, Thursday, 12.15
Department of Optimal Control and Supercomputers and Laboratory of Inverse Problems
II educational building, 5th floor, aud. 526B
1 About linear multi-step controlled processes.
Report by Nikolsky M.S. (professor)
2 Application of the modified generalized residual principle to the boundary control problem of a quasilinear wave equation.
Report by Dryazhenkov A.A. (junior researcher) and Potapov M.M. (professor)
3 Minimizing the concentration of cancer cells in the Lotka–Volterra competition model with a nonmonotonic therapy function.
Report by Grigorenko N.L. (professor), Khaylova E.N. (associate professor) and Klimenkova A.D. (student, 1st course of magistracy)
4 The study of the optimal control problem for a mathematical model of economic growth based on the Pontryagin maximum principle.
Report by Kiselev Yu.N. (associate professor), Avvakumov S.N. (associate professor), Orlov M.V. (associate professor), Orlov S.M. (senior lecturer)
5 A simple derivation of the expression for the Debye–Waller factor.
Report by Melnikov N.B. (associate professor), Paradezhenko G.V. (trainee researcher, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology) and Rezer B.I. (senior researcher, IMP UB RAS)
6 Preconditioning of the Krylov method for solving dynamic models of general economic equilibrium.
Report by Gruzdeva A.P. (researcher, IBM Science and Technology Center, Moscow) and Melnikov N.B. (associate professor)
7 On minimizing operator norms in linear controlled systems.
Report by Budak B.A. (assistant)
8 The task of optimizing investments in a simplified block model for open pit development.
Report by Kamzolkin D.V. (associate professor)
9 On a class of numerical methods of optimal control.
Report by Samsonov S.P. (associate professor)
10 On the properties of a class of positional controls in interorbital flights of a two-body problem.
Report by Grigorenko N.L. (professor) and Gorkov V.P. (senior researcher, Laboratory of Inverse Problems)
11 Optimization of discounted consumption in the Solow model, taking into account the delay in introducing new funds.
Report by Lukyanova L.N. (researcher, Laboratory of Inverse Problems)
12 Coalitional equilibrium and risks in conflicts with non-transferable utility.
Report by Zhukovskiy V.I. (professor), Kudryavtsev K.N. (associate professor, South Ural Federal University, Chelyabinsk) and Zhukovskaya L.V. (leading researcher, CEMI RAS)