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By the decision of the contest commission of the Branch of the Moscow Center of Fundamental and Applied Mathematics at Lomonosov Moscow State University dated February 5, 2020 were supported the following applications with funding for 2020:

project title project manager
1 «Inverse and ill-posed problems of mathematical physics and their applications» A.M. Denisov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor
2 «Mixed probabilistic models and Bayesian statistical methods for the mining of dynamically generated large data sets» A.K. Gorshenin, Ph.D., Associate Professor
3 «Gas-dynamic and magneto-hydrodynamic models in problems of astrophysics» V.V. Izmodenov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor
4 «Features of integrated systems» D.A. Fedoseev, Ph.D.
5 «Methods for solving control and optimization problems in conditions of uncertainty and real information» A.B. Kurzhanskiy, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Academician of RAS
6 «Direct and inverse problems of the optics of thin films and nanocoatings» F.V. Grigoriev, Ph.D., Senior Researcher
7 «Development of algorithms for calculating multi-loop Feynman integrals and their application in problems of elementary particle physics and quantum field theory» A.V. Smirnov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Head lab.
8 «Analytical theory of measure and its applications to stochastic analysis» S.V. Shaposhnikov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor