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The list of winners of the second stage of the 2020 contest for research at the Moscow Center of Fundamental and Applied Mathematics:

project title project manager
1 The spectral theory of general and differential operators and its applications Shkalikov A.A.
2 Extreme and approximation problems in harmonic analysis, geometric theory of functions of complex variable and multidimensional geometry Kudryavtseva O.S
3 Linear-algebraic and combinatorial methods for studying non-associative algebras Guterman A.E.
4 Structural theory and combinatorial-logical methods in the theory of algebraic systems Mihalev A.V.
5 Modern methods of noncommutative geometry Manuylov V.M.
6 Approximation Theory and Geometry of Banach Spaces Borodin P.A.
7 Development of an analytical method for solving linear ordinary differential equations of the second order with variable coefficients Gorbachev V.I.
8 Stability problems for plastic and viscous flows in regions with oscillating boundaries Georgievskiy D.V.
9 Functional differential and integro-differential equations and their applications Vlasov V.V.
10 Boundary integral equations and boundary value problems of mathematical physics Baderko E.A.
11 Homogeneous spaces with transitive action of groups approximable by almost metrizable groups Sadovnichy Y.V.
12 Nonlinear problems of theory Shamaev A.S.
13 Geometry, theory of singularities and mathematical physics Husein-Sade S.M.
14 Approximation, extreme problems and applications Tsarkov I.G.
15 Actual problems of the theory of equations of mixed type Moiseev E.I.
16 Mathematical modeling, analysis and management of complex systems in the economy Rovenskaya E.A.
17 Estimates of the complexity characteristics of Boolean functions and graphs Lozhkin S.A.
18 Analysis of the quality of approximations in the statistical analysis of multidimensional observations Shestakov O.V.
19 Queuing theory and its application in the analysis of modern infocommunication systems Ushakov V.G.
20 Modeling of elements of a plasmon nanolaser taking into account quantum nonlocality Eremin Y.A.
21 Cost-effective iterative numerical methods for solving the 3D non-stationary problem of generating a laser-induced semiconductor plasma in the case of setting inhomogeneous Neumann boundary conditions: the role of the conservatism of the circuit in the solvability of the problem Loginova M.M.
22 The use of supercomputer docking to search for new direct-acting antiviral drugs Sulimov V.B.
23 Mathematical modeling of multiscale interaction of the atmosphere with an inhomogeneous underlying surface Lykosov V.N.
24 Algorithms, methods and technologies for operational analysis of the quality of work of large supercomputer complexes Voevodin Vad.V.
25 Development of benchmarking technology based on the implementation of algorithms in the AlgoWiki encyclopedia Antonov A.S.
26 Development of models and methods for controlling a swarm of spacecraft Sazonov V.V.