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List of winners of the 2021 contest for scientific research at the Moscow Center of Fundamental and Applied Mathematics:

# Scientific direction Scope (name of the study) Team leader
1 High Performance Computing Creation and verification of the content generation model in the Open Encyclopedia of AlgoWiki Algorithms Alexander Antonov
2 Theoretical Mathematics Boundary integral equations and boundary value problems of mathematical physics Elena Baderko
3 Theoretical Mathematics Complex Space Geometry and Analytical Objects Continuation Valery Beloshapka
4 Theoretical Mathematics Approximation theory and geometry of Banach spaces Petr Borodin
5 Fundamental
and applied mechanics
Super- and hypersonic turbulent boundary layer. Asymptotic structure and laws of similarity Igor Vigdorovich
6 Theoretical Mathematics Functional differential and integro-differential equations and their applications Viktor Vlasov
7 Fundamental
and applied mechanics
The dynamics of plastic flows in thin layers during their rapid compression and spreading Dmitry Georgievsky
8 Theoretical Mathematics Geometry of Diophantine approximations Oleg German
9 High Performance Computing Development of high-performance simulation methods and design of tomographs in wave models on a supercomputer Alexander Goncharsky
10 Fundamental
and applied mathematics
Eigenvalue Problems in Fundamental Mechanics of Composites Vladimir Gorbachev
11 Mathematical Modeling Mixed Probabilistic Models and Bayesian Statistical Mining Techniques for Dynamically Generated Big Data Andrey Gorshenin
12 High Performance Computing Forward and inverse problems of optics of thin films and nanocoatings Fedor Grigoriev
13 Theoretical Mathematics Geometry, Singularity Theory and Mathematical Physics Sabir Huseyn-Zade
14 Theoretical Mathematics Linear-algebraic and combinatorial research methods in algebra Alexander Guterman
15 Mathematical Modeling Investigation of inverse and incorrectly posed tasks and development of methods for their solution Alexander Denisov
16 Mathematical Modeling Mathematical models of quantum effects in bimetallic plasmonic nanoparticles Yuri Eremin
17 Fundamental
and applied mechanics
Gas-dynamic and magnetohydrodynamic models in astrophysics problems Vladislav Izmodenov
18 Theoretical Mathematics Group theory and related fields Anton Klyachko
19 Theoretical Computer Science
and discrete mathematics
Development of effective machine learning algorithms for biomedical data processing tasks Valery Kudryavtsev
20 Theoretical Mathematics Extreme and approximation problems in harmonic analysis, geometric theory of functions of a complex variable and multidimensional geometry Olga Kudryavtseva
21 Theoretical Computer Science
and discrete mathematics
Design of features of structural objects in structure-property problem with using deep neural network architectures Mikhail Kumskov
22 Mathematical Modeling Methods for solving control problems and optimization in conditions of uncertainty and real information Alexander Kurzhansky
23 Mathematical Modeling Mathematical modeling of related hydro-geomechanical processes with changing properties of the environment with taking into account the finiteness of deformations with using high performance computing Vladimir Levin
24 Theoretical Computer Science
and discrete mathematics
Estimates of the complexity characteristics of Boolean functions and graphs Sergey Lozhkin
25 Mathematical Modeling Mathematical modeling of multiscale interaction of the atmosphere with heterogeneous underlying surface Vasily Lykosov
26 Theoretical Mathematics Non-commutative geometry and topology Vladimir Manuilov
27 Theoretical Mathematics Structural theory and combinatorial-logical methods in theory of algebraic systems Alexander Mikhalev
28 Theoretical Mathematics Actual problems of the theory of mixed-type equations Evgeniy Moiseev
29 Fundamental
and applied mechanics
Construction of the re-gradient theory of elastic thin bodies Mikhail Nikabadze
30 Mathematical Modeling Mathematical and software models of quantum systems Yuri Ozhigov
31 Mathematical Modeling Mathematical modeling, analysis and management of complex systems in economics Elena Rovenskaya
32 Theoretical Mathematics Homogeneous spaces with transitive action of groups that can be approximated by isometry groups Yuri Sadovnichy
33 Mathematical Modeling Development of models and methods for controlling a swarm of spacecraft Vasily Sazonov
34 Fundamental
and applied mechanics
Features of motion of a rigid body under the influence of non-potential forces of various nature Vitaly Samsonov
35 Mathematical Modeling Development of algorithms for calculating multiloop Feynman integrals and their application in physics problems Alexander Smirnov
36 Mathematical Modeling Application of integrated modeling technologies for the development of virtual analogs of complex technical devices Sergey Soloviev
37 Mathematical Modeling Application of supercomputer docking to find new direct-acting antiviral drugs to suppress SARSCoV2 coronavirus Vladimir Sulimov
38 Theoretical Mathematics Algebraic groups, Lie algebras and automorphisms of algebraic varieties Dmitry Timashev
39 Theoretical Computer Science
and discrete mathematics
Models of queuing systems in the analysis of modern infocommunication systems Vladimir Ushakov
40 Theoretical Mathematics Features of integrated systems Denis Fedoseev
41 Theoretical Mathematics Approximation, extreme problems and applications Igor Tsarkov
42 Computational Mathematics Theory and numerical analysis of cold plasma equations Evgeny Chizhonkov
43 Theoretical Mathematics
and mathematical modeling
Nonlinear problems of the theory of active media (Mathematical models of cell evolution, Spatial mathematical models of growth and tumor therapy, Mathematical problems of economic dynamics) Alexey Shamaev
44 Theoretical Mathematics Analytical measure theory and its applications to stochastic analysis Stanislav Shaposhnikov
45 Theoretical Mathematics Spectral theory of general and differential operators and its applications Andrey Shkalikov