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IIASAIn October-December 2020, within the framework of the project «Mathematical Modeling, Analysis and Management of Complex Systems in Economics» of the Moscow Mathematical Center in cooperation with the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA; Austria), a series of lectures will be held on applied modeling problems and management of complex systems.

Lectures will be held on Tuesdays at 18:00 in the Zoom conference format.

October, 27

Sigmoidal models: derivations, applications, and optimal experimental design

About the lecturer

Nikolay Strigul

Associate Professor, Washington State University & Guest Research Scholar, IIASA

AREAS OF RESEARCH: theoretical and experimental ecology, complex adaptive systems, mathematical biology, biostatistics, scaling methods, application of mathematical modeling to ecological problems.

In this presentation I will discuss sigmoidal models that play an extremely important role in many applications in biology and econometrics. Some sigmoidal models are derived as mechanistic models, while many others are empirical models. I will consider both mechanistic and empirical approaches. I will also discuss parameter identification and optimal experimental design of these models. I will introduce several open questions that could be of interest to the applied mathematician working in the optimal control area.


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