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Seminar «Supercomputer technologies in science, education and industry»

Chairman of the organizing committee:

  • Sadovnichy V.A., academician, rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University

Co-Chairs of the organizing committee:

  • Voevodin Vl.V., Corr. RAS, Director of Research Computing Center of Moscow State University
  • Sokolov I.A., academician, dean of the faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of Lomonosov Moscow State University

Scientific Secretary of the seminar:

  • Mortikov E.V., Ph.D., Research Computing Center of Moscow State University

The seminar was organized on the basis of the Scientific and Educational Center «Supercomputer Technologies». The reports cover all aspects of the use of supercomputers, parallel computing systems and distributed data processing methods for solving large computational problems. The seminar has a pronounced interdisciplinary nature, however, the various nuances of using supercomputer technologies are of interest to researchers from various fields.

Tikhomirov M.M. Research Assistant, RCC MSU, Graduate Student RCC MSU
Dobrov B.V. Ph.D., Head of Laboratory, RCC MSU
Lukashevich N.V. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher, RCC MSU

Pre-trained language models in word processing tasks

The report will describe the main directions of modern development of word processing technologies. The teaching transfer methodology has significantly expanded the scope of artificial neural networks. Neural network approaches using pre-trained language models made a real revolution in word processing in 2018. For training such models, it is essential to use high-performance calculators, and such models themselves (such as databases) become an important information resource. The issues of teaching language models using the DGX-2 complex will be considered. It is planned to present the results for the task of identifying rare types of named entities, other text processing tasks.


 Due to the self-isolation regime, the seminar will be held in the form of a webinar on the Zoom platform.

To participate in the webinar, we ask you to enter your data in the Google spreadsheet:

A link to the Zoom conference will subsequently be sent to your email address.

Instructions for installing and using the Zoom platform are available here:Начало-работы-на-ПК-и-Mac