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Open discussion «Supercomputer technology: science, society, pandemic»


Supercomputer technologies are extremely multifaceted, providing breakthrough results for the development of science, industry, healthcare, national security, and society as a whole. In the discussion, we will discuss the main elements of such an infrastructure, focusing on the importance that supercomputer technologies are acquiring now, when all highly developed states are trying to consolidate computing resources to combat the pandemic.

Discussion moderator: Vladimir Valentinovich VoevodinCorr. RAS, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Director of MSU Research Computing Center


  • Vladimir Borisovich SulimovDoctor of Physics and Mathematics, Head of the Laboratory of MSU Research Computing Center
  • Maria Grigoryevna KhrenovaDoctor of Physics and Mathematics, Leading Researcher, Chemical Faculty of MSU
  • Victor Mikhailovich StepanenkoDoctor of Physics and Mathematics, Deputy Director of MSU Research Computing Center
  • Ilya Viktorovich AfanasyevPostgraduate Student, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of MSU

A live broadcast with the ability to ask questions in text form will be located here: