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Joint Moscow-Beijing Mathematical Online Colloquium «Beijing-Moscow Mathematics Colloquium»

Beijing-Moscow Mathematics Colloquium

Feimin Huang Professor, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, CAS, China

Bio: Prof. Huang, Feimin got Ph. D in Chinese Academy Sinica in 1997,and then did postdoc in ICTP, Italy and Osaka University. His research field is hyperbolic equations and conservative laws, including fluid dynamical systems, Navier-Stokes equations, and other various Partial Differential Equations. He was awarded the SIAM Outstanding Paper Prize by Society of American Industrial and Applied Mathematics in 2004. He won the Second Prize of National Natural Science Award in 2013.

Limits of the Boltzmann equation

In this talk, I will present recent works on the hydrodynamic limits to the generic Riemann solutions to the compressible Euler system from the Boltzmann equation.

Vladimir Palin Moscow State University

Bio: Vladimir Palin recieved higher education degree from Moscow State University in 2005, PhD degree from Moscow State University in 2009. He is now a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, Moscow State University. His research interests include hyperbolic equations and systems, conservation laws and matrix equations.

On the geometric solutions of the Riemann problem for one class of systems of conservation laws

We consider the Riemann problem for a system of conservation laws. For non-strictly hyperbolic in the sense of Petrovskii step-like systems, a new method of constructing a solution is described. The proposed method allows us to construct a unique solution to the Riemann problem, which for each $t$ is a picewise smooth function of $x$ with discontinuities of the first kind. Moreover, for the scalar conservation law, the solution constructed by the proposed method coincides with the known admissible solution.

 The meeting will be held in the form of a webinar on the Zoom platform.

Pre-registration for the event is not required.

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