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2nd Conference of Mathematical Centers of Russia

2nd conference of Mathematical Centers of Russia

(November 7-11, 2022, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS, Moscow)


The purpose of the conference is to bring together Russian mathematicians working in Mathematical centers and not only in them. This is the second such conference after the 2021 conference held at the Sirius Matcenter. The conference is attended by 14 plenary speakers, including laureates of prestigious national and international prizes, speakers at International and European Congresses of Mathematicians. The conference has 13 sections on the main areas of modern mathematics. A significant part of the speakers are young scientists. It is expected that the conference will form new ties between Russian scientists and strengthen existing ones, which are extremely important tasks for the development of mathematics in the country.


Conference program

Abstracts of reports

Program Committee:
• Kozlov V.V. (Co-chairman)
• Sadovnichy V.A. (Co-chairman)
• Orlov D.O. (Deputy Chairman)
• Solodov A.P. (Secretary)
Full list of the program committee

Organizing Committee:
• Sadovnichy V.A. (Chairman)
• Gorchinsky S.O. (Deputy Chairman)
• Podolsky V.E. (Deputy Chairman)
• Shkalikov A.A. (Deputy Chairman)
Full list of the organizing committee


Conference sections

Plenary reports

(November 7-11, 2022, Lomonosov Building of Moscow State University, Moscow)

Schedule of reports

Abstracts of reports


Section "Mathematical logic and theoretical computer science"

(November 7–11, 2022, Lomonosov Hall, Moscow State University, Moscow)

The sessions of the section will be held in the Lomonosov Hall of Moscow State University, located at the following address: Moscow, Leninskiye Gory, possession 1, building 75B, Science Park of Moscow State University. The building is located a five-minute walk from the Lomonosovsky Prospect metro station, exit No. 5 (Solntsevskaya line). Note: Lomonosov Hall and Lomonosov building of Moscow State University are two different buildings. The latter will host plenary (not sectional) sessions.


Report Schedule




Round tables

Round table on general issues of Russian Mathematical Centers

moderator N.Yu. Lukoyanov
November 8, 2022, beginning at 20.00, Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS, conference hall on the 9th floor, Moscow, st. Gubkina, 8

Round table "Mathematics and Industry"

moderator T.R. Nasybullov
November 10, 2022, beginning at 20.00, INM RAS, room 727, Moscow, Gubkina st., 8

World Class Math Centers

Scientific and educational mathematical centers




SIMC MIAN Russian National Projects / Science and Universities Lomonosov Moscow State University Moscow Center for Fundamental and Applied Mathematics Marchuk Institute of Numerical Mathematics of RAS Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of RAS



Financial support

The conference is held with the financial support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia (grant for the creation and development of the SIMC, agreement No. 075-15-2022-265, grant for the creation and development of the MCFPM, agreements No. 075-15-2022-283, No 075-15-2022-284, No 075-15-2022-286).