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Scientific conference «Lomonosov Readings - 2020» (section of computational mathematics and cybernetics, Department of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems and Control Processes)

Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics


April 20, Monday, 14.30
Department of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems and Control Processes
II academic building, 5th floor, aud. 510
1 Phase constraints in a problem with delay.
Report by Vostrikov I.V. (associate professor)
2 Numerical solution of the Bellman – Isaacs equation in portfolio management of financial assets.
Report by Smirnov S.N. (associate professor) and Andreeva N.A. (junior researcher, HSE)
3 On the construction of a piecewise-affine price function in one optimal control problem.
Report by Tochilin P.A. (associate professor)
4 Minimax relations in problems with vector functionality.
Report by Komarov Yu.A. (3rd year graduate student)
5 A mathematical model of evolutionary adaptation in an open system of quasi-species in a competitive interaction of species.
Report by Bratus A.S. (professor) and Markin D.V. (3rd year graduate student)
6 Modeling the manufacturing sector of the Russian economy.
Report by Shananin A.A. (professor) and Alimov D.A. (3rd year graduate student)
7 On the simultaneous reduction of two linear systems to the form with major incomplete relative order.
Report by Kraev A.V. (junior researcher) and Rogovsky A.I. (programmer)
8 On the existence of vibrational modes in a model of a thermomechanical installation.
Report by Fursov A. S. (professor) and Krylov P.A. (student, 1st course of magistracy)
9 Algorithm for constructing a cascading state observer for systems with uncertainty.
Report by Fomichev V.V. (professor) and Vysotsky A.O. (student, 2nd course of magistracy)
10 Kalman filter for estimating the rate of change of a signal quantized by level and time.
Report by Goncharov O.I. (associate professor)
11 The consensus problem for linear dynamic systems in the presence of interference.
Report by Fomichev V.V. (professor) and Samarin A.I. (student, 2nd course of magistracy)